Smile Designer

July 14, 2014

Smile Designer- you don’t need to imagine your perfect smile no more…now you can see it!

Smile Designer is a program that allows you to see and choose the perfect solution for teeth restoration even before it has been performed. This program transforms the 2D image into a 3D virtual face taking into consideration the horizontal and vertical axes of the face, the line of dental neck, the length and ideal proportion of upper incisors.

Digital image represents the patient in a completely realistic way, which allows him to see the intended results of the dental treatment. Thus he can demand for some modification to be done in order to achieve his perfect smile, but of course on the limits of the possible.

The choice can be made between different types of smile. The dentist proposes several possibilities that are the most adequate in a functional way and patient decides which of the proposition satisfies his preferences the best. He can chose the color and form of his future teeth on the spot and to see the chosen solution. In that way the patient gets the perfectly clear information about his future smile and the possibility of eventual disappointment is eliminated.

Good prosthodontic work is the one that restores the teeth by preserving the natural aesthetic of smile and that is in harmony with the rest of the remaining teeth, with patient’s face, character… It is often very difficult for patient to imagine the result of such a treatment, and now the Smile Designer is here to help.

In Eurodentist we actively use Smile Designer in order to help our patients to find their perfect smile. And thanks to our technicians who do miracles and to our dentists that are sensible on patients’ needs, we always succeed in that.

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