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Root canal treatment abroad

The root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, consist in removing the dental pulp infected due to a fracture, caries or trauma.

This procedure allows saving the tooth that would otherwise be lost. Moreover, if the infection is not treated it can expand through the root canal creating a hole in a jaw bone.

The root canal treatment procedure:

  • The tooth is drilled under local anesthesia in order to reach the pulp chamber.
  • The dental pulp is carefully removed and the root canals cleaned.
  • In case that the tooth is badly infected and that the procedure must be repeated, the dentist will perform the temporary filling in order to protect the tooth between two visits.
  • Since the tooth without the pulp to maintain it in life is more fragile and more sensitive to fractures, it is desirable to reinforce it by placing a dental crown.

The material used for filling the root canal will probably last for a lifetime, however in long term it may be necessary to replace the amalgam or the crown. A good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important since the caries can attack the devitalized teeth also.

The price of a root canal treatment depends on a number of tooth canals that has to be cleaned.

Prices in Serbia are from 9 Euros for incisors or canines to 26 Euros for molars.