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Apical resection abroad

Apical resection is indicated in cases when the root tip is infected. It consist in removing the end of tooth root and infected bone tissue (granuloma or cyst), while preserving the rest of the tooth.

The dentist will perform this intervention in following cases:

  • When the infection or a cyst cannot be removed from the end of the tooth root in non-chirurgical manner.
  • When the infection or the cyst appears while having the fixed appliances which doesn’t allow the infection to be treated in non-chirurgical manner.

Apical resection is performed under the local anesthesia and includesapical resection abroad:

  • Incision of the gum above the tooth with infected root,
  • Cyst curettage and removal of the root tip,
  • Filling the root canal
  • Saturation of the gum by using the dissolvable stitches that disappear spontaneously in 10 days to 3 weeks.