The Rough Guides: “Must Visit Belgrade”

December 29, 2014

Visit Belgrade


The Rough Guides, the publisher of guidebooks, created in 1981, has marked Belgrade as one of the destination that have to be seen in 2015. It describe it as “One of the unexpected high points on any European itinerary”

Belgrade is seen by the Rough Guides as a “hectic, hedonistic capital” with an unique energy, that can be captured in every corner of every street. Lots of cafes, restaurants, club life, smiling people all over the streets of Belgrade, make the tourist feel relaxed and amused.

Situated at a confluence of Sava and Danube Belgrade have always been attractive for its strategic position. It has been conquered for nearly 60 times. It has been demolished and rebuild many times through history and every civilization left its own trace. Today that makes Belgrade an interesting, picturesque city with lots of different styles and worth-seeing sights.

The Rough Guides point out Kalemegdan fortress, medieval fortress that dominates the Old city, bohemian quarter Skadarlija where you can enjoy the traditional meals and music, than one of the largest orthodox churches in the world Saint Sava, suburb Zemun, build in Austro-Hungarian style with lovely quay on Danube, as well as the island Ada Ciganlija with its beach resort.

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visit belgrade

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