Dental care for seniors

February 20, 2015

At Eurodentist we dedicate a great attention to our elderly patients. The concept itself of dental tourism assume that the dental treatments would be performed in a few days or a week since the dental tourism patients use their vacation days to have their dental care abroad. In order to achieve that, patients spend hours every day in a dental office.

However, if the patients are seniors this is not possible because such a pace would be tiring. Appointments have to be shorter and with longer breaks between the treatments. Our elderly patient are always housed near the dental office, they have a 24 hour surveillance and a number to call in case of emergency.

We present you today our dear patient, Jeannine who has eighty four years.

She did 12 members bridge in her upper jaw and partial denture in a lower jaw.

We had the chance to spend 12 lovely days with her here in Belgrade and she left happy with a magnificent smile.


Beautiful smile doesn’t know age so smile always and forever.


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