Bi-maxillary osteotomy

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Bi-maxillary osteotomy

Maxillary osteotomy consiste in cutting bi-maxillary osteotomy the jawbone in order to reposition it in a way to achieve a perfect symmetry of the face. When this procedure is performed on both jaws, it is called bi-maxillary. It is a combination of Le Fort I and a mandibular surgery.

Bi-maxillary osteotomy is indicated when the relation between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw is such that it disrupts the masticatory function.

This is a rather functional than aesthetic intervention, even if the appearance improves a lot. It is the best to perform it at the end of adolescence when the jawbone stops to grow and the teeth and gums are still not damaged. Nevertheless it is more common that osteotomy is undertaken in the adult age.

Bi-maxillary osteotomy is performed under general anesthesia and requires hospitalization for one or two days.