Your dental vacation in phases


First contact

Our multi-language speaking team is at your disposal to provide you with all information you need. You can contact us by mail, Skype (Eurodentiste Dental) or by phone on + 381 63 750 11 31. In order to obtain a treatment plan and quotation completely free of charge and without any obligation, send us your request with a small description of your dental condition and treatment that you need. If you send us your recent panoramic x-ray also, we will be able to realize a therapy plan with utmost accuracy and give you the precise price.


Quotation and treatment plan

Once we gathered all necessary information about your needs, we contact the dentists that are the most qualified to deal with your dental problem. Then he examines your problem and proposes a dental treatment and a quotation that follows. Within 48 hours upon receiving your request, your coordinator will send you quotation along with explanation of treatment plan including duration, phases of dental treatment, necessary number of visits, etc… If you decide to come directly in Belgrade, you will have a free consultation with the dentist and he will provide you with a free treatment plan and free quotation on the spot.


Dental trip organization

In order to ensure that you will have a serene and worries-free dental stay, your coordinator advises you and helps you in organization of your dental trip. He will help you to find the cheapest flights to Belgrade, propose you several possibilities for your accommodation and take the reservation of the one you choose at the reduced price. He will arrange your appointments with dentist, pick you up at the airport and transport you to your accommodation.


Realization of your dental treatment

After the preliminary consultation with dentist, your dental treatment continues according to the proposed plan. Your coordinator is by your side during your visits at dentist and he helps you in organization of your free time in Belgrade.



If your dental treatment needs more than one visit, we will provide you at the end of your stay with the treatment plan and quotation for the next one. The payment is effected at the end of your stay in cash or by card, in dinars or Euros. Your coordinator escorts you to the airport and stays in contact with you to be sure that you are having a long-term satisfaction with the results of your dental treatment.

Our orientation team

Eric Blanchetête


A Former President of Findomestic banka Serbia – BNP Paribas Group. Manager of the Year 2009 in Serbia.

Marko Sekulovic

Manager of the team

Engineer École Centrale Paris. More than 10 years of professional experience.

Jovana Vukovic

Eurodentist Coordinator

International Master Management – HEC Belgrade. 7 years of experience.

Milica Zivanovic

Eurodentist Coordinator

Degree in French Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade. 3 years of experience.

Dental care providers

Dr Marina CVETIC

6 years of experience in in dental care. Dental implants specialist.


Specialist in endodontics. 5 years of experience.

Milena BOJIC

Dental assistant.


Dental nurse.

Dental offices and laboratories