Admiration for Serbia

August 05, 2014

During his dental vacation in Belgrade, one of our clients, an Italian writer, was a witness of recovery of a country after the worst floods in last 120 years. He was amazed by the solidarity and humanity of Serbian people, all committed to help their compatriots that had lost their homes and belongings during the floods.

He was so kind to publish an article in Italian magazine that informs people about the accident that hit Serbia and call them to provide help. We are deeply thankful for that gesture.

Hi also shared his impressions about Serbia and the Serbian people.

Here‘s what he wrote: “There is no one single Serb that isn’t committed in providing aid to his country. A real army of volunteers work tirelessly to prevent the over-flow of Sava and Danube (…) The young Serbian sing, dance and play everywhere in Belgrade in order to collect some money for their compatriots. They also contributed in gathering of 7 million Euros from donations in just couple of days. And that isn’t a rich country…  It is far more than that. It’s a nation.”

Go to link to read all article.

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