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Dental crown price abroad

dental crown price abroad

The price of a dental crown depends at first place on used materials. Nowadays there are different kinds of dental crowns such as metal crown, metal-ceramic crown, ceramic crown and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Finally it is always the patient who makes the choice but the dentist has to propose the solution that he finds the most appropriate regarding the patient’s situation.

Moreover, the dental crown on implants is more expensive since the placement is more complicated.

Another factor that influences the price of dental crown is fabrication itself that is the profit margins applied by a dental laboratory and finally by a dental office where the preparation and the placement are performed.

From this point it is easy to understand why the prices of dental crowns vary from dental office to dental office.

Since the wages in Serbia are lower than in West Europe or, for example, Hungary,, the margins are lower so the dental crowns are less expensive. Therefore the price doesn’t reflect the quality since the used materials are the same as in West Europe or US.

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