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Eric BlanchetêteMy team and I are happy to welcome you to our website that promotes dental tourism in Serbia.

Your first question is probably: why Eurodentist? We started from a very practical observation made by members of the French and other European communities living in Serbia which is that the dental care services are of the highest quality and that its prices are significantly lower than those in European countries with high standard of living. In addition, probably due to a lack of information concerning dental care in Serbia, many Europeans visit Hungary every year for dental care even though the prices in Serbia are about 20% to 30% lower than in this (to Serbia) neighboring country.

Personally, I live in Serbia since March 2000 and my wife, my two children, as well as my European friends and I have all used various dental care by Serbian dentists during that period.

Today, with Eurodentist, my team and I want to offer you the same opportunity to receive dental care in Serbia as most foreign citizens in the country, in an environment of trust and security thanks to my English speaking colleagues who will accompany you during your stay and visits to our partner dentists, at the same time discovering the charming side of the city of Belgrade itself.

Belgrade is only 1-2,5 hours away by plane from major European airports, therefore, before you arrive here, my colleagues can support you in planning your dental care journey and also assist you in arranging your short stay to include the opportunity to explore the beauty of Serbian Capital.

I hope that our website will provide you with enough information and I personally assure you that you will be fully satisfied with dental care in Serbia.

Do not hesitate to contact our coordinators to get all your questions answered and for assistance in arranging your dental tourism stay in Serbia.

At your disposal

Sincerely yours

Eric Blanchetête

President and founder of Eurodentist