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denture price abroad
The price of a denture mainly depends on type of a denture that has been chosen and on materials used in fabrication.

Removable complete denture is the least expensive. It is placed directly on the gums and it is composed of fake teeth mostly in acrylic resin and of fake gum in rose acrylic.

The removable partial denture has one part that is made of acrylic and the structure in metal which enables the attachment of the denture to the remaining teeth via brackets.

Hybrid partial denture doesn’t have the metal structure but is lean directly against the remaining teeth that are reshaped in order to fit with the denture.

And finally the denture on implant is the most expensive and the procedure is longer since it requires two dental trips: first to place the implants and the second to attach the definitive denture to the implants.

In addition to the used material, the price of a denture on implants depends on the type of connector: pressure buttons, bar or magnets, than Locator system…

Finally the price of dentures depends on dental laboratory and office profit margins.

Since the wages in Serbia are lower than in West Europe or, for example, Hungary, the margins are lower so the dentures are less expensive. Therefore the price doesn’t reflect the quality since the used materials are the same as in West Europe or in US.

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