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Dental implant price abroad

dental implant price abroad
You want to undertake a dental implant treatment in order to replace the missing teeth and obtain the most stable and a long-term solution. However the prices in your country are excessive and unaffordable and Social Security doesn’t refund the dental implant placement.

Placing dental implant abroad turns out to be the great alternative for this financial constraint. The price of dental implants in Serbia is from 30-70% lower than in a rest of Europe considering the equal skill level and placement of same implant brands. Comparing to the West European countries, you may save up to 70% by placing dental implant in Serbia, including the dental travel expenses. Clearly the savings grow with a number of implants.

Price of a dental implant depends on dental implant brand so its quality and the dental office profit margins. In Serbia the average wage is low and therefore the dentist margins are the lowest in Europe.

Nevertheless the implant brands in Eurodentiste are the most prestigious brands in this field, such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare. All Eurodentiste implatologists have more than 8 years of professional experience and a success rate of 100%.

Eurodentiste assists you in having your dental implants placed in Belgrade at best prices and the very best quality.

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